Frequently asked questions:

How much will it cost me to ship my reels to you?

US Postal Priority mail will cost you approximately $11 for one to three reels, depending on models (weight), and your location.

How should I ship if I have more than three reels?

US Priority mail "medium" flat rate box will hold up to 14 reels and will cost $17.00. From anywhere in the U.S.  Delivery Confirmation (tracking) is now included in that price from USPS

How should I pack my reels?


We suggest one layer of padding in the bottom of the box, and one wrap of paper around each reel. Then stand each reel on its side in the box (handles facing up). Then fill in any gaps, and cover the top with another layer of padding. Bubble wrap is an option when wrapping your reels but will cut down on the number of reels you can get into one box. It does work great for the bottom and top covering.

Is there anything else I should include with my reels?

Yes, daytime phone and return address inside the box with payment. We will not ship reels back to address on your check. Please make check or money order payable to ReelEx

* Your reels, and any loose parts
* Please inform us of any problem 
  each reel might be having (note) 
* Your return shipping address
* Day telephone or cell number
* Personal check for total amount
* Please do not send signature 
  required as it will slow your turnaround
  time. We have a secure delivery drop.
Using the UPS Store? You must tell them NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED, to avoid parcel coming back. 
 ReelEx Express Reel Service