Dan has been factory trained by some of the best of us here, and he has all the parts. I highly recommend his service.                                                    Dan Thorburn
                                                               Shimano Product Specialist
                                                               Shimano American Corp.
Absolutely delivers on everything promised. Unbelievable knowledge and workmanship. Could not be happier with the results.                                         David
                                                               Charles Town, West Virgina
Alaska to California and back in 7 days. Amazing service.
                                                               Soldotna, Alaska           
Go with ReelEx for your Shimano reels. Dan had 6 ready to ship back to me in 96 hrs, and I got off cheap.
                                                              Dixon, CA
If anyone is looking to get their  Shimano's worked on, I highly recommend Dan at ReelEx. My Curados came back better than new!                              Steve
                                                              San Jose, CA
Awesome, I sent in  4 Curados, and 1 Stradic on Friday. They were back to me on Thursday, and these reels work great!                                                      Jon
                                                             Modesto, CA
Unbelievable work, and service! You need to charge more.......
                                                              Pacifica, CA
Super job, thank you very much!
                                                              Fresno, CA
My Scorpions came back like new. I had no idea I had that much use on them.....great job!                                                                                                 P.A.
                                                              Orange, CA
Unbelievable, Dan picked up 12 Curados from me yesterday, and I got them back this evening, and they are sweet.......                                               Rick
                                                              San Jose, CA
sent in 2 Curado201's that weren't working right. Got them back in 3 DAYS, and they were back to working like NEW!                                                    Steve
                                                              San Jose, CA
I had Dan service three of my Curados that are 10 years old. I cannot believe the difference! Only gone five days!                                                                   Mike
                                                              Spokane, WA
                                                              Sacramento, CA
I sent Dan 6 reels, and they all came back silky smooth like new. In addition he had them back to me in
4 days! Excellent Service!                         Alex
                                                              Hercules, CA
I sent & Curados in on Wed and received back that Sat. Can't beat that for service.
                                                              Sacramento, CA
I sent in six and they performed outstanding, and my Scorpion was throwing a DD22 a country mile.
                                                              Clovis, CA
I sent in 8 reels, Dan turned around for me in 24hrs. Now that's customer service. Now a customer for life.
                                                              Tracy, CA
! shipped in 9 Stradics, three broken to Dan on Monday. I received them all back on Friday. They all work perfectly. Everyone who sends a reel to Danis happy with the result.
                                                              San Jose, CA
What amazing service. I sent a box of severly used Curados and they came back hardly recognized!
The cranky old reels came back looking like new, and smooth as silk! Way to go ReelEx!
                                                              Redwood City, CA
I can't believe the difference. From dead to alive, and had them back in 3 days! UNBELIEVABLE.
                                                              Woodland, CA
ReelEx is the real deal! What customer service!
                                                              San Jose, CA
What service, I highlly recommend them.
                                                              Victorville, CA
Great job on my reels!               
                                                              Alberton, MT
Awesome service, I will definately be telling others!
                                                              Monticello, AR
I sent Dan 10 Chronarch 101B's with the intention of selling when I got them back. These things came back, and now they're not going anywhere! Unbelievable!
                                                              Fairfiled, CA
Service like this is hard to find anymore! I sent my reels in on Monday and had them back that Saturday, and they were tired old green Curados. I'm not sure the one's I received back are really mine! Basically I got
six new reels for less than the price of one! NICE!
                                                              Fremont, CA                                                            
What service! More coming your way!
                                                              Fresno, CA
Very impressed with this service. Would highly recommend to any who need service on their Shimano reels!
                                                              Roseville, CA  
You own a CuradoB? You need to have this guy service em'. You won't recognize them when they come back!
                                                              Sacramento, CA
I sent mine reels in and need them back in 7 days. I sent mine in on a Monday, and had them back that Thursday!                                                               Kyle,
                                                               Redwood CIty, CA
Unbelievable service. I sent in 8 reels and them back in less than a week, and I live in Arizona. What a value!
                                                               Payson, AZ
I sent Dan 5 reels on Tuesday, and I had them back today (Thursday). Great service, courtesous, and professional.                                                               Mike
                                                               San Jose, CA
I had ReelEx service six of my reels. I can't believe what I got back! I got 6 new reels for the price of one!
                                                               Tracy, CA
Thank you for the great service, and awesome turnaround.
                                                               Corvalis, OR
Super job. Thank you again.
                                                               Chehalis, WA
Your service of my 7 reels was beyond expectations. Thank you again,
                                                               Phoenix, AZ
Unbelievable turnaround, and service. I was pleasantly surprised!
                                                               Elverta, CA
Super service, and unbelievable turnaround.
                                                               Avondale, AZ
In total, I have now had 17 reels serviced by ReelEx. I have no needs for any new reels anytime soon. MIne came back and I didn't recognize any of them! Smooth, FAST, and CLEAN!
                                                              Santa Clara, CA
Man am I glad I found you! Normally my reels go off for weeks at a time! I can't believe the turnaround and quality! Thank You!                                             Perry
                                                              Haskell, TX
I can't believe it. I sent 8 reels off on Monday,. I had them BACK on Saturday, and it takes 2 days each way!
These things look and work like new!      
                                                              Castaic, CA
Your quality, and turnaround is amazing! 8 days total to and from SC....
                                                              Charlston, SC
Thank you for the great service and attention to detail.
                                                              Minneapolis, MN
Just wanted to give a shout out to the people at ReelEx. I sent my Curado in two days before Xmas and got it back the day after Xmas. The reel had a 3:8:1 gear ratio. I had them change it to a 5:1 and service the reel. ReelEx did a outstanding job and I would highly recommend them.
                                                              Nobleville, Indiana
Just received 13 reels back from Dan at Reelex. They did a really nice job cleaning, tuning and upgrading the reel bearings. When I received them, they were individually packed in bubble wrap. You have to appreciate customer care like that. I'll be giving him my reel cleaning business in the future.
                                                              Chesterfield, MO
Dan, I just got my reel back. You are the best! You have my business for life!
                                                              Napa, CA
Are you kidding me? I send you a Calcutta I found in the lake, I get it back, and it's like new?
Unbelievable! Thank you!
                                                              Richmond, KY                                                      
Im sure when you got my reels you thought $%^!! What am I gonna do with these, but low and behold you tore em down and put em back together.......kinda like the bionic man ( we can rebuild him!!) Unbelievable!! Dan you are the man! These reels were hammered to say the least, and ready for the garbage can..but you got em up and running better then when they were brand new!! Once again thank you Dan, for you guys out there that need reel service contact Dan, he is a true craftsman and you will not beat the prices or turn around time anywhere!! 
                                                              Antioch, CA
Unbelievable service and quality! Thank you again!
                                                              Clarksburg, TN
Are you kidding me? I send my reels out from Florida on a Monday, and I have them back the following Monday, and they are like new? You Rock!
                                                              Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I received the reels on Saturday.  I got to use them on Sun- they crank smooth, cast exceptionally well, overall fantastic.  The metaniums perform very close to like new - they have not worked that well for over 10yrs (they are 12yrs old).  The MGs are better than new. I can't thank you enough for the fast turnaround and above all the exceptional workmanship on the reels.  I must say for that outstanding service and high quality it was a bargain.  I will have 6 more Shimanos to send when I get back from Havasu in a few weeks.
                                                              Thousand Oaks, CA
My Curados have never worked this well! Now I need to send my Chronarchs!
                                                              Houston, TX                                                            
I can't believe what I got for my money! These things are better than new.
                                                              Charleston, WV
I sent in 6 Calcutta 400's and they had 1000+ fish between them, way beyond used. I received them back in 5 days and these things could not be smoother!    
                                                              Anchorage, Alaska
I have had reels serviced and fixed by a few over the years. Dan at ReelEx has been my best experience by far. Dan's turnaround is unbelievable, and workmanship was excellent. Dan also STANDS behind his work. Give him a try, you will be happy.                             Mike
                                                              SSF, CA
Dan the reels came in today and they look great! Thank you so much for the handle you are awesome!
                                                              Erlanger, TN
Man they look great.
There’s one problem though.  I spun the spool on one of the reels and now I can’t get it to stop spinning.  It’s been spinning since yesterday. Kidding of course, thanks for a great job.  Can’ wait to try them out tomorrow.
                                                              Cocoa, FL
All I can say is WOW! Fast turn around and those CU200SF’s are amazing. Showed them to a couple of guys at work and they were blown away. I will forever sing your praises. Thanks!
                                                              Hendersonville, TN

MANY MANY MORE, but please let us know what you think of your experience!

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