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                      Specializing in Shimano Reels
Yes we can also service your Japanese version Shimano as well
            Why Ceramic Hybrids? One, they reduce heat build up. 
Two, they can operate dry without causing damage, or inferior performance.
Three, they reduce the possibility of corrosion issues due to their being ceramic.
*All pricing includes Return Shipping within California.
 Out of State customers please add $7 to the total for return shipping. 
Regardless of how many reels you send, you pay just $7 for return shipping outside CA per box...... 
Note: You can leave the line on your reel, and we will do our best to work around it.
* missing parts are not included 
   *excluding Calais/Stella. Calais/Stella are $35
 Single Freshwater reels are $30 each except Calais which are $35 each.
All conventional reels fall under saltwater reel pricing below.
Shimano Customer Service "Click Above Logo"

ABEC 7 Ceramic Hybrids, $15 per set w/service 

8 reels for $204*

    Express Reel Service
              ADD $26 ea for reel number 6 and 7
           ADD $25 ea for reels number 9 and up
               ADD $23 ea for reel 13 and up


Note: If a reel has ever been used even one time in saltwater, regardless of           model, it is considered a saltwater reel.
 We service/supertune (NOT REPAIR) Lew's, Revo, Daiwa 

No Combo pricing on Saltwater reels and return shipping is not 
                        included on any saltwater orders 
We no longer service reels from Alaska or Hawaii without phone authorization and pricing clarification. Please call prior to shipping or parcel will be refused if it arrives without prior authorization. Thank you.

I'm sorry but I no longer service Baitrunner or Thunnus reels
Please call for pricing on all others

Preferred Service Provider
      NO Bagged or partially dis-assembled reels without calling please. Thank you.

4 reels for $106*
12 reels for $288*
Valued Customers:

Effective immediately, service is available by appointment only, and 96 hr turnaround is not guaranteed during the spring. 
That said, I will do my best to turn your reels around as quickly as possible. 
Due to extremely high volume 
 turnaround will vary between 4 to 6 days in most cases. 

How do you make an appointment? Easy, call me at the number below with the approx number of reels you wish to send and I will issue you a repair order number (appointment) and will advise you how and when to ship your parcel. 

I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause and I will do my best to meet your service needs. Unfortunately, if I receive
any parcels without a repair order number I will not accept said parcel, so please call before shipping anything. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

Sincerely, Dan Isaac 650-454-4938